1004B Electric Thruster with Hexscreens Side View 1004B Electric Thruster with Hexscreens

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– The 1004B Series Electric Propulsion Systems are a half scale model of the 1002 Electric Thrusters.

– The standard electric motors are designed to operate from 110-300 VDC with a Bollard Thrust of 50 to 70 lbsf depending on the model chosen.  Refer to above specifications and performance for more details

– Customized Solutions/Systems for R & D Programs or Prototype Vehicles, small or large. These electric thrusters can be precision matched to each application at no additional cost.

– The venturi shape of the 1004B Thruster is ideally suited for Electric Drive because the Prop Turns Faster for the Same Power.

– Higher Jet Velocity means greater speed capability.

– The Streamlined Brushless DC, oil filled and pressure balanced direct drive electric submersible motors are capable of going to full ocean depth.

Independently Tested Off-The-Shelf Units

– The brushless DC electric motors are driven by solid state controllers, greatly simplifying the design and increasing reliability. The electric motors are also available with resolver feedback for accurate servo control.

– The electric motors have a 3 tier seal system that includes Silicone Carbide Face Shaft Seals.

– The Submersible Brushless DC Electric Motor comes in Stainless Steel or Anodized Aluminum.