We Design Some of the Most Powerful,

Efficient & Reliable Hydraulic Thrusters in the World

If the Propulsion System of Choice is Hydraulic, Innerspace Hydraulic Thrusters are the most efficient and of the lowest displacement Hydraulic Thrusters that we know of out in the market today.  These hydraulic systems are used for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) whether they are large work class ROV’s and or smaller inspection class ROV’s.  They are also used on various Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV), Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUV) and small Submarines.  Some of Innerspace’s Hydraulic Thrusters are also used on yachts for better maneuvering.

Hydraulic thrusters are the best choice when it comes to an application that requires high Thrust and High Torque requirements that Electric Thrusters can not obtain. Being the obvious choice for propulsion for Large Work Class ROVs and other similar vehicles, Innerspace’s hydraulic thrusters can work in aggressive environments while being reliable and efficient.

Major Benefits of our Hydraulic Thrusters:

90% Reverse Thrust   –   High Efficiency   –   Compact, Lightweight! Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
Thrusters that will make a difference to your ROV’s / Submarines performance

All our Hydraulic Motors have a 3 tier seal system.  An external motor seal to keep large debris out, a specially designed internal/external seal that is capable of sealing the motor on its own and finally a Silicon Carbide Face Shaft Seal that is the main seal.  This offers a large safety margin to prevent water leaks into the motor or oil out.  All this in a compact area.

All of our thrusters are very efficient and are proven models that have a solid track record.  All motors are streamlined and limit flow blockage. Innerspace’s Hydraulic Motors are direct drive and do not require an Adapter Shaft, extra Bearings, gears and or a gear box.   Innerspace Thrusters provides the most reliable products currently in the marketplace.








A commitment to excellence and only the highest standards of quality and service have been maintained throughout our 65 year history.