(300, 750 Volts)

The venturi shape of the 1002-1.23 Series are ideally suited for Electric Drive because the Prop Turns Faster for the Same Power.

Streamlined Brushless DC, oil filled and pressure balanced direct drive electric submersible motors.  Capable of going to full ocean depth.

Customized Solutions/Systems for R & D Programs or Prototype Vehicles, small or large. These electric thrusters can be precision matched to each application.

All of our thrusters are independently tested.

Innerspace’s BDC motors provide the highest level of power in a small package. The BDC motors provide a maximum of usable power through the high peak torque design, high continuous torque and high rated speed. All our motors use advanced Neodymium-Iron-Boron permanent magnets and by using advanced, 3-D finite element analysis (FEA) software, we can optimize the magnets, windings, and geometry for ultimate efficiency. All Innerspace’s Electric motors are designed to be fully submerged, are oil-filled and pressure compensated.

High performance servo control involves dynamic accuracy, velocity regulation and fast settling time. Our motors offer low electrical time constant which allows quick reaction to rapid command changes demanded by high-performance servo drives. A fast mechanical response is possible through a high peak torque to low rotor inertia ratio where less torque is used to accelerate the rotor, and more torque is available for accelerating the load.

Rugged and Reliable
Brushless servo motors are the defacto choice for reliable operation.

  • Our motors do not have brushes to wear out or burn up at high power output.
  • Windings are located right against the motor housing that is continuously cooled.
  • Our motors have few moving parts.
1002-1.23 Thruster Independently Tested
1002-1.23 Production
1002-1.23 Front - Propeller

Performance Data, Specifications and Illustrations

1002-1.23-19000XLR Series Direct Drive Electric Thruster

1002-1.23-19000XLR Series General Arrangement

1002-1.23-19000XLR Series Direct Drive Electric Thruster
Dimensions & Weight

1002-1.23-19000 DIMS

Variations of the 1002-1.23-19000XLR Series Thruster

1002-1.23-19300XLR-SMC Electric Thruster
(300 Volts, 1107 Lbf / 502 Kgf Max Thrust)


1002-1.23-19300XLR-SMC Electric Thruster Spec Sheet

Performance Data



1002-1.23-19300 Dimensions

1002-1.23-19750XLR Electric Thruster
(750 Volts, 1201 Lbf / 545 Kgf Max Thrust)


1002-1.23-19750XLR-SMC Electric Thruster Specification Sheet

Performance Data



1002-1.23-19750 DIMS

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