Steady Motion Dissertation

RELATIONSHIPS FOR SELF PROPELLED UNDERWATER VEHICLES IN STEADY MOTION - by Calvin A. Gongwer ABSTRACT A method is given for estimating propulsion performance for underwater vehicles in which the effect of the vehicle wake is taken into account.  Computation charts for use of designers are included.  The method is generalized so that it is [...]

Steady Motion Dissertation2020-01-28T22:24:38-08:00

Static Testing Dissertation

STATIC TESTING OF UNDERWATER THRUSTERS - by Calvin A. Gongwer ABSTRACT Acceptance testing of thrusters involves static thrust measurements.  Various static thrust measuring systems are shown. Thrust balance types include: parallelogram, bell crank, vertical beam, direct hanging, direct weighing, floating lateral, rolling lateral, and sliding lateral. The principle of null positioning to insure accuracy [...]

Static Testing Dissertation2020-01-28T22:30:13-08:00
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