Hydraulic Motors

We Design Some of the World’s Most Powerful,

Efficient & Reliable Hydraulic Motors

StandardHydraulic Displ. Max Δp Max Oil Rate Oil Rate Oil HP ShaftHP
Motors cir psi rpm gpm L/min
3600B .16 3,000 3,600 2.4 9.1 3.8 3
.17 2.7 10.2 4.2 3.3
4200SA .88 3,500 2,800 10.3 39 21 19.5
.95 11.5 43.5 23.5 21.7
8400A-18 1.42 5,000 2,200 11.2 42.4 19.7 17.1
2.14 20.6 78 36 31.7

Hydraulic motors with stainless steel casings & shafts designed to carry the prop directly without more shafts, bearings and pressure compensation.

8400 Hydraulic Motor


AdditionalHydraulic Displ. Max Δp Max
Motors cir psi rpm
8400 2.69 5,000 4,000
4200SA/5000 .59 5,000 3,500
4900B .29 3,000 3,500
4700 .08 1,500 4,000

Special Cylinder Block Processing That Reduces Friction.Much Lower Torque Reaction on the Vehicle (Low Displacement Motors)

Removable Seal Housing. When necessary, the shaft seal can be replaced quickly

Silicon-Carbide Retrofittable shaft seals for the longest possible seal life.

 4200 Series Hydraulic Motor  4200 Hydraulic Motor with Streamlined Motor Cover


  • 92-96%, depending on model, Effecient Full Ocean Depth Hydraulic Motors
  • Compact, Lightweight! Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Construction
  • The lowest displacement Hydraulic Motors that we know of out in the market today.  These hydraulic motors are used for Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROV’s) whether they are large work class ROV’s and or smaller inspection class ROV’s.  They are also used on various Autonomous Underwater Vehicles (AUV) and Unmanned Undersea Vehicles (UUV)
  • Hydraulic Motors are the best choice when it comes to an application that requires High Torque requirements.
  • Innerspace’s hydraulic motors can work in aggressive seawater environments while being reliable and efficient.
  • All our Hydraulic Motors have a 3 tier seal system.  An external motor seal to keep large debris out, a specially designed internal/external seal that is capable of sealing the motor on its own and finally a Silicon Carbide Face Shaft Seal that is the main seal.  This offers a large safety margin to prevent water leaks into the motor or oil out.
  • In case of Servo valve failure, these Underwater Hydraulic Motors are capable of case pressure surges of 3500psi.
  • All motors are streamlined and limit flow blockage. Innerspace’s Hydraulic Motors are direct drive and do not require an Adapter Shaft, extra Bearings, gears and or a gear box.   We provide the most reliable products currently in the marketplace.