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1,100 lbsf: 1/2 METRIC TONNE Thruster

1,100 lbsf: 1/2 METRIC TONNE Thruster* with Honeycomb
Screens of HydRODYNAMIC Design**

Half Tonne Thruster Half Metric Tonne Thruster Half Tonne Thruster

– Resistant to Cavitation.

–  Faired Motor and Prop Hub.


–  Honeycomb Screens** Which Cancel  80% Of The Prop Torque While Reclaiming Thrust.

–  Symmetrical Bi-Directional Geometry Including Lenticular Prop Blades Without Camber.

–  The Jet is Smaller and Narrower and Thus Easier to Provide Clearance For and Reduces the Coanda Effect.

–  Higher Jet Velocity Means Thrust Falls Off More Slowly With Speed.

–  8400A Stainless Steel Motor (2.69 Cir.)  With Silicon Carbide Face Shaft Seals.

–  Motor Rated to 4000 PSI Dp.

–  High Thrust – 540kg at 3500 PSI D p.

–  Needs No Separate Adapter Shaft, Bearings, Compensating Chamber, etc..

–  Easily Mounted.

**  Patent numbers 4,726,183 , 5,275,535 and 6,152,793